Meadowcroft wines

Situated in Sonoma Valley, Meadowcroft Wines are vineyard specific and limited in production expressing both European wine heritage and California creativity.   At the Tasting Room, our guests take the time to slow down and truly enjoy the flavors of our wines.   

“My hope is to create wines with a Sonoma pulse that express the complexity found in European varietals.” – Tom Meadowcroft, Winegrower

Meadowcroft is the namesake of Winegrower Tom Meadowcroft. The meaning of Meadowcroft is a fertile field or meadow and croft refers to a cultivated area that has been nurtured over time. The honeybee on the label symbolizes this conscientious work and the process of transformation from wine grapes into an outstanding wine.

Meadowcroft offers a wide assortment of small production wines from classic varieties like cabernet sauvignon, zinfandel, sauvignon blanc, and chardonnay to more obscure varieties such as roussanne, sangiovese, and French colombard.


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